• Shamayim (there are waters)

    Shamayim (there are waters)
    Single channel video installation, drywall, wood, & 2 tons of sand. 1 hour loop. Stereo sound. 2015.

    Pillar of Cloud
    Single channel video projected on suspended plexiglass. 2:34min. Silent. 2015.

    In "Shamayim (there are waters)", the Pacific Ocean rotates along the horizon, exchanging sky for sea and blue for blue, in reference to Genesis 1:6, where “G-d said, ‘Let there be an expanse in the midst of the water, and let it be a separation between water and water.’” In Hebrew the word for sky/heaven is "shamayim" which breaks apart to form the two words sham (there) and mayim (waters).

    Pillar of Cloud is a looping video, sourced from the internet, that shows rockets being deployed between Israel and Gaza. These clips become raw material that I have edited so that the endless explosions begin to look like clouds. The title is taken both from the Israeli name for a 2012 military operation against Hamas, as well as from the book of Exodus, where a divine Pillar of Cloud guides the Israelites through the desert. I look at these "clouds," created from violence, and wonder if they are a perverse man-made recreation of the divine.

    In this installation, the roar of the ocean transforms and becomes the explosion of rockets and the rending of earth.