• security blankets

    Inkjet prints on sateen, broadcloth, thread, batting. 2018.
    San Ysidro I, San Ysidro II, Qalandia I, Qalandia II.
    "not a line a shadow" @ H Space, Cleveland.
    These blankets examine the architectures of two highly militarized and contentious border zones: the US-Mexico Border, and the Israel-Palestine Border. In particular, they explore how these two borders, thousands of miles apart, are beginning more and more to resemble each other: desert sands pockmarked with lines of brutal concrete and metal, and ever-growing membranes of surveillance made visible through mobile camera towers and observation drones. A border is like a fold, it's a false line.

    If the earth is all one fabric, then the divisions and demarcations that we try to create through borders become temporary and arbitrary. Security Blankets are moving blankets created from satellite images of the San Ysidro Border Crossing and the Qalandia Border Crossing. These blankets allow us to wrap the border around itself in a way that pays no regard to the lines of power. Borders are not just lines on a map, rather they are as Israeli architect and theorist Eyal Weizman describes them, “deep, shifting, fragmented and elastic territories,” and spaces “where distinctions between the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ cannot be clearly marked.”