• Same Thing From a Distance

    Keter (childbirth amulet)
    Foil, air dry clay, chain, oyster shell, limestone spray paint.

    Tennis racket, foil, air-dry clay, limestone spray paint, abalone shell.

    Air dry clay, chain, limestone spray paint.

    Torah Shield
    Foil, air dry clay, limestone spray paint.

    The windows at the Plum Street Temple
    Yoga mat, limestone spray paint.

    Plastic, glass bottles, HydroFlask lid, air-dry clay, foil, limestone spray paint.

    Beer bottle, foil, air-dry clay, limestone spray paint.

    In "Same Thing From a Distance", Liam Ze’ev O’Connor presents new sculptures coated in artificial Jerusalem stone. To make these works, Liam pulls from a range of specific personal and cultural references: the windows of the Plum Street Temple in Cincinnati, liquor bottles from the streets of Oakland, Judaica from across the diaspora, and shells from the California coast. In coating these objects with artificial stone, Liam explores what it means to take this stone– an externally facing, public symbol– and wrestle it away from the dominant Zionist narrative, instead mixing it with domestic and ritual objects.