• City of Peace

    HD video made from satellite images of 38 locations named Jerusalem, 18:00 min. Stereo sound. 2017.

    In Jewish thought, there are two Jerusalems: “Yerushalayim shel Maala” – the Heavenly, or spiritual, Jerusalem, and “Yerushalayim shel Mata” – the earth-bound, physical city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem can only ever be fully understood when both its heavenly and earthly characteristics are considered together. For many Jews in the diaspora, Jerusalem is at the core of spiritual life and the contentious center of political discourse. The word diaspora marks internal loss because that homeland, the distant “center” of the community, feels less and less like home, orbiting a center that no longer exists.

    There are at least 38 different locations peppered throughout the world named Jerusalem, most of which were named by Christian settlers. City of Peace looks at these earthly Jerusalems from the heavens, slowly rotating above each one while searching for traces of the divine. They dissolve into one another against a soundscape sourced from various pop songs that mention Jerusalem, switching in tone from meditative, to playful, to plaintive, and at times hypnotic.