“the air is describing us / lining our bodies / squeezing us gently / inside and out,” Paige Phillips, 2019

Sound, Liam Ze’ev O’Connor
Materials with Evan Dawson
In collaboration with the performers: Josh Hines, Kelly Hurlburt, Ani Javian, Katherine Kiefer-Stark, Ashley Lippolis, Celine McBride, Kate Seethaler, and Mary Carmen Webb

The Seventh Sense STILL 11.png

The Seventh Sense,” Fair Brane, 2018.

The Seventh Sense is a poetry-film adapted from Audre Lorde’s “The Seventh Sense”
Sound Design by Liam Ze’ev O’Connor.

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“Drink More Water”, Fair Brane, 2018.

Drink More Water is a short essay/experimental film with a running time of twenty-five minutes. Drink More Water follows the character Noah as she outlines the strategies that govern her life as a now retired intelligence officer and her tempered memory of a previous self. The film traces Noah as she haunts several tourist locations in an unnamed beach town. Sound by Liam Ze’ev O’Connor.

This film was made possible through the generous support of Queer|Art and the Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant.

Après moi, l’obscurité,” Paige Phillips, 2018.

Sound Design by Liam  Ze’ev O’Connor.
Materials with Evan Dawson.
In collaboration with the performers: Celine McBride, Margot Electra Steinberg, & Mary-Carmen Webb.
Photos of Après moi, l’obscurité by Stephen Takacs.

Après moi, l’obscurité (After me, the darkness) is a contemporary dance by Paige Phillips in collaboration with a cast of three female performers. The work examines a myriad of social and political injustices that women have been forced to endure. By collaging together aesthetic and contextual references from the Renaissance, mid-century, and today’s pop-culture, the content lays witness to the longevity of such indignities. A wild ride of vignettes feature sexually anthropomorphized horses, contrived frivolity, and Francisco Goya’s depictions of witchcraft, amounting to a bold rejection for nostalgic ideals of purity and femininity.

There I was UNDERGROUND, bending the light,” Paige Phillips, 2016.

Sound by Liam Ze’ev O’Connor.
Installation with Evan Dawson. ​
In collaboration with the performers: Haste Leartvimolkasame and Tanakorn Sunvaraphiphu, Ani Javian and Gabby Stefura, Jill Guyton Nee and Jeorbe D Kong.

There I was, UNDERGROUND, bending the light is an installation that mixes together dance, performance art, and sculpture. The event acts as a surreal, pop-up club in a 3-story Bangkok shop house where the audience completes the world by playing the club-goers. Inside are conjoined albino deer, mischievous women executing kaleidoscopic patterns, and ‘spirits’ soaking up the light of the moon. Echoing throughout is an original composition of club music infused with psychedelic alarms. The cast includes dancers from the United States and Thailand.